Sicilian Granita

Sicilian Granita


Here we touch a particular key on the granita: or you are able to make it or leave it alone.

We are Sicilians. We know about it. Really.
Many people ask us ” What is granita”.
We will be simple in the explanation. It is a mix of natural flavor, sugar and ice. Many think, “Ah, Italian Ice” … Absolutely not. Granita is granita.

In our granita we put real fruit, true original flavor. Nothing chemical. And production is also different.  

Granita is simplicity, love. The classic flavors? Lemon, almond, chocolate. And also coffee, strawberry. If you combine the granita with wip  cream as topping means that you want to taste the top of sweetness.



Tips: In Sicily, in Messina’s County a glass of coffee granita with wip cream is called “Menza ca panna”.