This is not only “Coffee”. 

Trust us.

This is Italian Coffee.

Our favorite and imported italian brand is “Caffè La Rocca”.

Top rated italian coffee.

Coffee is the most famous drink in the world and it is not just a drink: it is above all a bond with flavor. The coffee should be savored, it should be tasted in all its flavor as it is. Relax.

If then shared with friends takes on another meaning: “We’ll have a coffee together?” “Come on, come, I’ll give you a coffee”! “Let’s go get a coffee”. Many ways to have a coffee. But always in the company, and in this way takes on another flavor.

Its scent is unmistakable, its aroma as well.

Here in Froguyogu we prepare the best Italian coffee blend to give you the true taste of an Italian coffee. You can choose from different flavor mixes, we also have decaffeinated.

Coffee: a simple word and an infinite world ahead.


Let’s not forget the classic Cappuccino: created just for you. Its scent of coffee and milk is unique.


You will remain speechless. Sure.